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PCo X Mint Stories

¡Hola! Тук започва твоето испанско вдъхновение. А нашето се зароди като перла в солените води на Балеарските острови, където Палма де Майорка ни разказа истории за един свят, потънал в темперамент, страст, рубинени нюанси, мехурчета кава, шумни вечери, тънки струни на китара и танцът на въображението наоколо.

Надникни зад тежките червени завеси на нашата лимитирана PCO x Mint Stories колекция и изживей духа на Испания! Тук всяко бижу разказва за моментите, които можеш да преживееш с него.

¡Hola! Prepare to embark on a journey infused with Spanish inspiration. Our story takes root in the briny depths of the Balearic Islands, where Palma de Mallorca weaves captivating tales of a world steeped in fiery temperament, unrestrained passion, and vibrant crimson hues. It's a place where cava bubbles playfully, aromatic fruits tantalize the senses, lively dinners echo with laughter, and the delicate sound of guitar strings fills the air. Step into this realm where imagination dances freely and let it ignite your own creative spirit.

Unveil the secrets hidden behind the heavy red curtains of our exclusive PCO x Mint Stories limited collection and immerse yourself in the essence of Spain! Each exquisite piece of jewelry carries within it tales of unforgettable moments waiting to be lived.

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PCo Bridal

Whether you're a classic or a bold bride, accessories have the power to pull your entire wedding day look together, and statement earrings are a perfect finishing touch to any ensamble. From delicate chandelier styles to fashion-forward shoulder-grazing pieces, you can never go wrong with an eye-catching earring!

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Date Night

Get ready to have your heart stolen! Discover Date Night - our limited edition Valentine's Day earring collection and find the sweetest gift for the one you love.

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Midnight Prophecies

Winter nights are smooth like velvet and full of wonder! Look closely as the stars align in the dance we call Midnight Prophecies. Discover our festive limited edition collection filled with special pieces that are made to mesmerize. Make this holiday season one to remember, forever.

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Modern Mediterranean

Combining clean geometric forms with bold vibrant colours, this collection delivers a new perspective on minimalism by celebrating the modern Mediterranean style.⠀⠀⠀

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Cosmos | The Joy of Geometry is a Minimalistic jewellery collection inspired by our desire to explore futuristic aesthetics in the context of dimensional play.

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