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About Us

Personal Conversations is an ethical conceptual jewellery atelier based between Varna, Bulgaria and Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Rooted between two cultures and inspired by Modernism and Architecture, we create unique sculptural pieces of wearable art.

With a firm belief in longevity and timelessness, we place ourselves in direct contrast with fast fashion and the idea of framing products around trends and momentum. Instead, we place emphasis on what is truly important - the people, the stories behind our pieces and their uniqueness.

Working in small production runs and with enduring materials, we bring you handcrafted quality designs that will last a lifetime, while also considering the environment.

Founder and Creative Director

Milly Ignatova-Ingle

Milly is the creative force behind Personal Conversations. As a seasoned architect, she’s always had an eye for design and is always exploring new concepts and aesthetics that expand beyond the current trends. Through Personal Conversations she brings little luxuries to everyday life, helping everyone feel a bit extra stylish!

Milly has made it her mission to bridge the gap between Modern Art and statement jewellery, while constantly sourcing inspiration from Modernism and her travels across the world to countries including South Africa, Bali, Switzerland, Italy, France and more.


PR and Digital Marketing Strategist

Vanessa Aberle

A digital nomad, passionate about travelling, fashion and all things social media, Vanessa is the person who helps us tell our story in our own words. With a firm belief that brands are more than just their products, she understands the importance of community, vision and philosophy.

Fun Fact: You might also recognise Vanessa as one of our models for the Modern Mediterranean Collection!

Commerse & Distribution Director Eastern Europe

Mihaela Brozovic

Meet Mihaela! A visionary leader and entrepreneur with a background in hospitality and a keen eye for beauty.

With years of experience in the tourism industry, Mihaela has honed her skills in customer service and team management. After climbing the ranks and mastering the art of creating memorable experiences for guests, she was drawn into the beautiful world of jewellery and contemporary craftsmanship.

With her innovative ideas and passion for excellence, Mihaela is helping us bring the magic of the PCo statement jewellery to women acrosss Western Europe.


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