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Why Personal Conversations?

I get asked this question all of the time and I love it! Isn’t that a fun way in itself to do just that – start a conversation?

Atelier Personal Conversations was born from a place of tenderness and authenticity, out of the desire for deep and meaningful interactions and connections. A place where we celebrate aesthetic differences and femininity through the extraordinary means of design.

Historically, jewellery has always been present in moments of importance, ritual and ceremony. It was a way of showing validity, power and simply saying ”I am here, I take space”. Naturally, that is why today we are conscious and intentional with it – because it has the potential to bring significance and meaning into our lives.

Handcrafting each statement jewellery piece, we aim to tell stories, explore narratives of visual storytelling and stay in contrast to fast fashion momentums. Inspired by Modernism, Art and Architecture, we distill thought-provoking sculptural designs that promise to honor your identity and celebrate you as a living piece of art.

Wearing jewellery is an intimate ritual of self-care and awareness, a silent dialogue with ourselves about our values, memories, heritage and beliefs. It helps us step into our own, feel empowered and confident by telling the world “we look the way we do, because of the way we think!”.

Thank you for choosing the language of artistry to express your beautiful self. Thank you for being part of our Personal Conversations.


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