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A Spanish Fiesta: Unveiling the PCo x Mint Stories Edición Limitada Collection at CAVA

I can't believe it has only been a week since we celebrated a truly remarkable milestone in the history of our atelier! Join me in reliving the enchantment of our Spanish fiesta, where the unveiling of our PCo x Mint Stories Edición Limitada collection became a testament to the boundless power of passion and creativity.
Together, we will bask in the spirit of gratitude and embark on an unforgettable journey of style and elegance!

A Spanish-Themed Extravaganza
As the doors of CAVA swung open, guests were instantly transported to the enchanting world of Spanish fashion and allure! Every detail, meticulously curated, exuded the essence of Spanish heritage - from the tantalizing ruby rioja and delicious tapas to the flowing flamenco dresses and blooming floral headpieces. This extraordinary event celebrated our second collaborative collection, PCo x Mint Stories, where vibrant hues, intricate details, and symbolic motifs beautifully embody the rich cultural heritage of Spanish craftsmanship. The fusion of contemporary design and Spanish influences created a collection that not only inspires onlookers but also showcases our unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. Join us on this extraordinary journey into Spanish-inspired splendor!

Captivating the Senses : Live Spanish Guitar
Adding an ethereal touch to the ambiance, the soulful Spanish melodies of Samuil Gelev - the talented classical guitarist resonated throughout the venue. The rhythmic strums and melodic tunes evoked images of sun-drenched Andalusian landscapes, casting a spell of nostalgia and romance upon the guests. The live music served as a harmonious backdrop, enveloping the soirée in an atmosphere of elegance and cultural immersion.

Mystique and Insight
Guests were invited to experience the enigmatic world of tarot card reading, a nod to the mystical traditions of Spain. Moni - the skilled reader from unveiled the symbolic cards, guiding guests through a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. As whispers of secrets and whispered predictions filled the air, the tarot card reading sessions added an intriguing element to the event, captivating attendees and sparking conversations that resonated long after the fiesta ended.

Unleashing Creativity
In homage to the exquisite Spanish fans, we also hosted a painting class led by Milena from @milena.sketchbook who helped guests unleash their artistic flair and personalize their own handheld fans. Inspired by the intricate designs of Spanish fans, attendees dipped their brushes into a vibrant palette of colors, creating unique and personalized works of art. The atmosphere was charged with creativity and joy as participants transformed blank paper fans into beautiful works of art, taking home a piece of the Spanish spirit.

Savoring Spanish Delicacies: A Tapas Extravaganza
No Spanish-themed event would be complete without an indulgent culinary experience, and our lovely hosts from CAVA ensured that guests savored the authentic flavors of Spain. Attendees were treated to a delectable selection of tapas, expertly prepared to transport their taste buds to the vibrant streets of Barcelona and the coastal regions of Valencia. From the tantalizing croquettes to the selection of fine quesos, each bite was a celebration of Spanish gastronomy, perfectly complementing the evening's festivities.

An Artistic Tribute: Palma de Mallorca Film Photography Exhibition
Within the venue, guests had the privilege of immersing themselves in the mesmerizing beauty of Palma de Mallorca through a captivating film photography exhibition by Kaloyan Hristov. Developed using traditional methods, each photograph captured the essence of the Balearic paradise. The exhibition served as a visual narrative, reflecting the raw emotions and captivating landscapes and portraits, captivating the imagination of all who beheld the stunning visuals.

A Personal Encounter with Elegance: Exclusive Collection Preview
The true highlight of the soirée was the exclusive preview of our highly-anticipated PCo x Mint Stories Edición Limitada collection, where each exquisite earring design and statement necklace embodied the union of Spanish inspiration and contemporary style. With names like Flamenca, Carmina, Torero, Amor en Flor, Noche de Seda, Fuego, and El Toro, each piece holds symbolism and relation to the spirit Spain. As the lead designer, I draw deep inspiration from my six years of living in Mallorca, allowing me to infuse the collection with a heartfelt homage to the vibrant culture and artistic heritage I encountered. This limited edition collection represents not only my personal journey but also an invitation to embark on a shared experience of beauty and passion.

Al final:
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible guests and the unwavering support from all those who have embraced and loved our brand. The Spanish soirée at CAVA, featuring the PCo x Mint Stories Edición Limitada collection, was an extraordinary celebration of art, fashion, and Spanish culture. Your presence and enthusiasm made it a truly unforgettable experience. We are deeply grateful for inspiring us to continuously craft exceptional statement jewellery that captivates and transcends boundaries. Thank you for being a part of our journey!


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